Egg Stew
Agege Bread
Efo riro
Aubergine/Egg Plant Sauce
Egusi soup


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Cands is the ultimate cooking social community founded in January 2014 by Olukemi Amusa of K’s Cuisine. It is a community where the love of food brings people together. By Joining us, you will be joining a robust community of foodies and have a platform to meet like minded foodies to share food pictures, recipes, make friends and have fun.

In a little over a year Cands has grown into a foodie community of over 87,000 members on Facebook with over 5000 food pictures and recipes shared. We have now brought Cands to a domain in order to combat the few problems we were encounting on facebook such as posts getting lost and buried, having to type a recipe numerous times and poor documentation on fb and also to extend the community to foodies who are not neccesarily on facebook. 

Cands  is about food, fun and friendship.

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